Choose to do the Opposite – Selling 101

When defining and honing your personal selling style, you have a built-in advantage. While you may be a seller in your professional life, you are a consumer after hours. In other words, instead of being the predator, you are the prey and you are constantly bombarded by those who wish to sell to you.

Even better, you know what works with you and you also know those selling tactics that either don’t or may well downright piss you off. So, if you choose to do the opposite, I would suggest that you have a better than average chance of becoming a successful seller yourself.

I really hate people who …

In no particular order …

  • Are always late
  • Don’t respond in a timely manner
  • Are too lazy to answer my questions accurately and completely
  • Who try to sell me yet know nothing about me or my needs
  • Send me obvious canned emails and direct messages
  • Want to connect with me and then immediately want to sell to me
  • Can’t keep their commitments to me
  • Fail to follow up and follow through
  • Use crappy sales tactics including closing techniques
  • Want something when they have not yet earned the right to ask for anything
  • Display poor listening skills
  • Lack sincerity
  • Make answers up. Not knowing the answer is fine. Not finding it, is not
  • Are Bullshitters. See above 
  • Feel free to add your own personal gripes here

Therefore, I will do whatever is needed to avoid displaying these same irritants. It’s not magic. Instead, it’s incredibly simple. No special skills needed. No sales training needed either. Manners. Kindergarten stuff. It’s treating people how you yourself wanted to be treated. You’re welcome.

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