Create Stronger Coaches with New Coach Insights for Scorecards

Sales reps learn best from their peers, which is why it is important to create a coaching culture in your organization. But that peer feedback only makes a difference if it’s substantive. Reps are relying on their coaches to give quality, actionable feedback that’s more than a thumbs up or a “great job!” Everyone learns more from a red pen than they do from a gold star, but not all coaches realize that right away. Coaches (and the sales enablement teams they work with) need insight into their own methods in order to improve—especially if they’re new to the practice. 

In order to help organizations “coach their coaches,” Brainshark has introduced a new Coach Insights panel for Scorecards, an expansion of Reviewer Insights released earlier this year. 


The Brainshark Scorecards Reviewer Insights panel helps sales enablement leaders understand the quality, consistency, and the overall workload of reviewers to help make them better coaches by providing a visual means to quickly assess reviewers through a ‘single pane of glass.’ 

Coach Insights expand on Reviewer Insights by offering a more comprehensive overview of coach and reviewer activities across many coaching challenges at a glance. With Coach Insights, sales enablement teams can quickly identify gaps in their program and the coaches themselves can see areas of opportunity in their own performance. 

Why Does It Matter?  

A study by the Sales Management Association states that organizations who effectively coach their reps are outpacing their competitors by 15% in terms of quota attainment. 

But the sales managers who most often become coaches have competing priorities and limited time, which too often results in inconsistent and ineffective coaching. At the same time, the sales enablement leaders overseeing coaching programs are challenged to gain insight into how their sales managers (and coaches and reviewers) are doing.   

Are coaches providing quality reviews or just “rubber stamping” the submissions?  Do managers rate their teams in a similar fashion?  Are they even coaching at all?  The answers to these questions are needed to ensure that not only are reps are getting coached, but their coaches are getting coached.  

Coach Insights lets enablement leaders work with coaches to improve their overall performance and enhance their feedback, positively affecting morale, rep retainment, and revenue. 

How Does it Work?  

The Coach Insights Panel puts all your coaching data in context so you can quickly see whether coaches are providing actionable feedback or phoning it in, giving a wide range of scores or handing out hundreds, and giving timely feedback as opposed to leaving sales reps hanging. 

The Coach Insights panel is accessed via the Teams menu in Scorecards and lets you view reviewer activity across multiple coaching activities for a given time frame.  

By default, you see information about all coaches for all time in all coaching activities, but you can easily apply filters to display statistics about coaches in a particular time period or across certain coaching activities. 


Broken down by column, the Coach Insights panel quickly shows how long coaches and reviewers are taking to give feedback, how many of their assigned reviews have been completed, how many of their reviews include detailed comments, the average word count per comment, and the range of scores given by each reviewer. 

This lets you see who is putting effort into their comments, who is taking a bit long to get back to their reps, and who is giving thoughtful, honest scores. 

For example, the following panel shows that Mary Yates is giving a wide range of scores and leaving detailed comments while Gary Flynn and Gayle Rodham are only giving out high scores and hundreds with no additional comments. In this scenario, the sales enablement team now knows to reach out to Gary and Gayle to develop their feedback skills for future coaching challenges. 


Instant, actionable insights like these are invaluable for organizations working to develop strong and effective coaches.  

Coach and Reviewer Insights for Scorecards are now available for all Brainshark customers with coaching enabled. Learn more about Scorecards and Coach Insights by connecting with a Brainshark sales consultant today. 

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