How to Convert High-Ticket Clients Through Content and Community

Sep 29, 2022

Collin Stewart

What role should content marketing play in B2B sales? According to our recent podcast guest, nurturing an online community with value-driven content can make a massive impact on your outbound sales.

Rachel Howourth has worked in sales her entire career and built a successful training and consultancy business around the idea that sales can be easy, not sleazy. She joined the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss how to convert high-ticket clients through content and community.

How content marketing can help you land high-ticket clients

Rachel defines a high-ticket client as any purchase over $3000. These high-end buyers are focused on three things: speed, simplicity, and security.

High-ticket buyers want results quickly, they want a streamlined experience, and they want to feel secure in their buying decision. All three of these factors should play a part in your content marketing and outbound sales process.

For example, case studies can be a powerful tool to showcase your proven process. This helps the client see that your methods have been tried and tested because you’ve achieved similar results for past clients.

Attracting high-ticket clients with content marketing

A common mistake sales development reps make is to focus on educational or “how to” content. High-ticket clients are already clear on their problem and are actively searching for a solution–they don’t need to be educated.

Instead, try taking a more direct approach: “I know you want this result, I worked with X, and we achieved this in X weeks.” Then back up your claim with social proof.

Know who you’re speaking to

Like any outbound sales strategy, it’s essential to know your ideal client. If you’re struggling to find your niche, consider it from an offering perspective: who is your offer for? Who have you created great results with?

Start thinking about how those people are feeling now, compared to how they’ll feel after they’ve achieved the result you’re promising. This combination is what leads to great content marketing.

Outbound sales drives content creation

Another common mistake in content marketing is that businesses create a content strategy before their sales strategy. Outbound sales needs to come first, so your sales goals inform every piece of content you create.

The importance of personal outreach

Building an online community goes beyond posting content. To make real connections with your audience, you need to get personal. Have one-on-one conversations, ask questions, and get to know people on a personal level.

If you’re hosting a live masterclass, reach out to thank each person who signs up. Ask them if there’s anything specific they’d like you to cover. So few people in the B2B sales world are performing this kind of personal outreach; if you do, you’re sure to stand out.

Remember that it’s your responsibility to keep that conversation going. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, shoot them a quick message to see how they are. The fortune is in the follow-up.

Creating content without the overwhelm

Many businesses feel pressured to create fresh content for every platform every week. This is a surefire way to burn out. Instead, repurpose the same content across platforms, reposting an Instagram story to TikTok, a podcast episode to Youtube, etc.

When to outsource your content marketing

The short answer is before you feel ready. As soon as you’ve built a reliable offer with clear messaging, you should start to think about outsourcing some of your content creation. You can start by hiring a virtual assistant for just a few hours a week.

The key piece here is your messaging. If you hire someone to create content before you’ve nailed down your message, they will have a hard time doing their job, and you’re unlikely to see any return on investment.  

If you need help finding the right message, reach out here to learn more about our coaching and consulting services.

Outbound sales relies on emotional connection

No matter what kind of product or service you’re selling, remember that people aren’t buying the product–they’re buying you. We buy with the emotional side of our brains. 

That’s why sales isn’t about pushing people to make a decision, it’s about solving problems. Understanding the problem from the buyer’s perspective is the key to great content marketing and to closing more deals.

If you want to connect with Rachel to learn more about building an online community and attracting high-ticket clients, reach out on Instagram @mysalesmentor.


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