Multi-Purposed Projects

One thing that I would like to think that I have gotten pretty good at is creating a specialized project and then finding multiple ways to reuse it. Why reinvent the wheel every time? For example, from one piece of content, you may very well be able to create …

  • Training plans
  • eBooks
  • Slide shows
  • Multiple blog posts on multiple platforms
  • Videos
  • Direct mail pieces
  • A series of webinars

The best news is that you can literally pick and choose from any of these to be your source document and then create any of the others while using the source as your base. Let me give you two real life examples.

Online course gets new life

In 2021 I introduced an online course on Nimble CRM. I had well over $1,500 invested in the platform that housed the course as well as in various other pieces of hardware and software. Then there were the 100s of man hours in creating it.

The course ended up being a total and abysmal failure. I killed it off, put it out of its misery, in November of 2022. Poof gone. However, everything, videos and documents that were associated with that course were backed up on my Google Drive.

Last year I decided to take my one-on-one Nimble training offering to the next level. While the online course was 18 lessons, I looked at that framework and outlined a 6 session, 9 to 12 hour, training package and …

I had already taken Nimble support articles and turned them into PDFs. I was easily able to transfer them to folders that I create for Nimble clients, once again, on Google Drive. 

I recently decided to create an accompanying eBook to go along with my Nimble training. Well, everyone of those 18 online lessons included one or more written lesson overviews. These overviews were then copied and pasted into one new document and edited. There were a lot of edits, but my guess is that it saved me 70% of my time.

Training and eBooks yield multiple assets

Over the past several years, I have created two eBooks and published two books. My first eBook was called “Focused Social Selling”. The second was “The 12 Steps to Becoming a Master Networker”. Master Networker also became a slide show and a webinar.

Several years ago I also developed and delivered a complete sales training program for an electric sign company. In November of 2021 I was asked again to train a new salesperson for that same company.

At about this same time, I decided to pursue sign companies as a vertical market so … I took the sales training program for the sign company and both of my eBooks and it turned them into one complete eBook sign sales training course. 

I also wanted a sales course that is not specific to the sign industry. In less than one day, I was able to edit that sign sales book to remove the sections that were specific to the sign industry. Nice!

I’ve made other improvements to my Nimble training offering and I have documented all of these. They will all find additional life in blog posts … just like this one!

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