Sales Development Hiring: Job Description Templates for SDRs and Sales Managers

Apr 18, 2022

Author: collin stewart
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The average turnover rate for sales development reps (SDRs) is 34%, with the average rep tenure sitting at just 1.5 years. The cost of recruiting, training, and then replacing salespeople on such a regular basis can quickly add up.  

In the past, high turnover rates have been blamed on everything from management issues to unfair compensation. But more and more sales leaders are beginning to realize that the issue starts much sooner, with the sales development hiring process.

Recruiting salespeople who will stay long-term begins with attracting the right candidates. It’s time to take a closer look at the outbound sales hiring process, starting with how to write clear, compelling job descriptions for each role.

Is it time to reevaluate your sales development hiring process?

Amy Volas, Founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, believes the turnover issue can be solved with a few key adjustments to the outbound sales hiring process: 

  • Hiring for your specific growth stage
  • Hiring for the work that needs to be done for your business and marketplace
  • Optimizing your hiring process to bring on the right people”

Above all, the hiring process needs to be intentional and specific to your organization. Candidates should understand exactly what the job will entail, what’s expected of them, and how they will be compensated. 

One of the top reasons SDRs choose to leave? Unrealistic expectations. Let’s take a closer look at how to set those expectations from day one. 

Successful outbound sales hiring begins with a clear job description

According to Hubspot, one of the best ways to ensure new SDRs will be successful in the role is to set clear expectations–and that starts with a detailed and accurate job description. Now more than ever, reps want transparency from their sales managers. And managers expect the same from executives.

The job description is a candidate’s first point of contact with your organization, and also your first chance to separate qualified from unqualified candidates. Interviews can be time-consuming, so it’s important to narrow down your candidate pool with a well-written job description.

The job posting should share details about your company culture, values, and as well as the responsibilities of the role you’re hiring for. Candidates should understand immediately how they fit into the greater company culture. 

Skills to look for in SDRs and sales managers

One of the most common questions in outbound sales hiring is which qualifications are necessary for the role. Your company may prefer candidates with a certain degree or experience level, or you may choose to recruit from less traditional backgrounds. 

Don’t underestimate the value of soft skills like communication and empathy–these traits are just as important for success as an SDR or sales manager. Ideally, your job description will include a mix of both hard and soft skills, and explain why each is integral to the role.

SDR job description template

Job/Company Description

Include a few short paragraphs of background on your company, what you do, and what you’re looking for in this role. Pay particular attention to any details that help the candidate understand what their day-to-day role would look like.


Clearly state what the main functions are for this role.


What tasks will your SDRs perform in their daily role? Who will they report to and work with within the organization? 


These qualifications are considered a requirement for the role. Include both hard and soft skills, and be sure to tailor the list to your specific needs. 

Preferred Qualifications

List any additional qualifications that would be nice to have, but not completely necessary to succeed in this role. 

Final Details

If there are any other nitty-gritty details your future SDRs need to know, share them here. This may include your company values or mission statement, compensation structure, or a short section to show your brand personality. You may also choose to link to additional resources where candidates can learn more about your company (as in the example below). 

Sales manager job description template

The job description for a sales manager should also include background on the company, a brief job description, and key responsibilities. However, there are a few additional sections to consider when hiring a sales manager. 

The main function of a sales manager is to onboard, train, and coach your team of SDRs. Successful coaching will require the manager to collect data and complete certain reports. Therefore the job description for a sales manager should include details of these reports, so candidates know exactly what will be expected of them and how their performance will be measured. 

Optimize your outbound sales hiring with high-quality job descriptions

The job description is your first chance to win over top candidates in an increasingly competitive market. Make sure your posting is detailed, accurate, and sets clear expectations. Using the templates in this article, you should have no problem attracting a well-qualified sales manager or SDRs.

A proven sales development hiring process is critical to securing top talent and although that starts with a great job description, the process doesn’t end there. 

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