Weekly Roundup: Create a Goal Driven Sales Environment, Protecting Margins + More

How to Create a Healthy and Effective Goal-Driven Sales Environment, According to Sales Leaders – HubSpot

The goal of any sales organization is, ultimately, to increase revenue.

Which means the goal of any effective sales leader is to inspire and motivate their sales team to hit, or exceed, their revenue targets.

However, a results-obsessed environment can quickly become unhealthy, particularly if your team feels the pressure to hit a certain number by any means possible.

Creating a healthy, effective goal-driven sales environment is vital for long-term success and employee satisfaction. Here, I spoke with four sales leaders to learn the five components for creating and maintaining a goal-driven sales environment.

But first — what is a goal-driven sales environment? >>> READ MORE

Why We’re Focused On Protecting Margins in 2022 – The Great Game of Business 

It’s been two years since Covid shut the economy down. And nothing has been the same since. What’s crazy is how things continue to change on what seems like a daily basis. Variances are the name of the game.

We were already dealing with supply chain delays and the constant upward pressure of inflation caused by the shortages of parts and people in the marketplace. The price of freight is skyrocketing—and that was all before the war in Ukraine erupted. Suddenly, we need to add in the additional upward pressure on the price of oil and commodities like wheat—did you know Russia is the world’s largest producer of wheat and Ukraine is fifth?

There are also precious metals like nickel, which is a big Russian export. Nickel is used to make everything from stainless steel to appliances and batteries, which are rising in price because of the shortages. Now mix in the fact that interest rates will be rising for the first time since 2018, and every business is faced with solving a dynamic puzzle with lots of moving pieces. >>> READ MORE

12 Qualities of Effective Managers – TINYpulse

Is it using your charisma to get people to follow you? Is it about having an overpowering personality that gets things done? 

In an era where people are obsessed with efficiency but are also advocates of employee-friendly practices, it’s critical for every manager to have the necessary skill set and a welcoming personality— the complete package.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what it all means by highlighting the key skills and qualities great managers possess. >>> READ MORE

Turning Challenges into Opportunities as the Great Reshuffle Threatens Relationship Continuity LinkedIn

Have you felt more turnover among your buyers and within your own company recently?

You aren’t alone. Globally, turnover among sales professionals is up 26% year-over-year. And, among buyers, it’s even higher, with turnover up 28% year-over-year, according to insights drawn from the Economic Graph.

In an industry that’s as dependent on relationships, trust, and continuity as sales is, all of this churn and turnover poses a particularly profound challenge: 

How should we adapt our understanding of how sales works to keep up with a professional network that’s always changing? >>> READ MORE

An Executive’s Guide To Thought Leadership– LeadG2

Did you know that 88% of decision-makers in the United States think that thought leadership is useful for improving the perception of a business?

You might be interested in thought leadership yourself. But perhaps you aren’t sure if it’s worth your time or how to effectively share your thoughts with the world. Let’s discuss what it means to be a thought leader, the benefits of thought leadership, and how to become a thought leader. >>> READ MORE

23% of Employees Report Feeling Burned Out…Here’s What You Can DoUp Your Culture 

You’ve heard the term burnout before, and you’ve probably used it yourself at some point in the past. But what exactly is it?

Burnout is more than just a feeling of stress at work. It’s an unshakeable feeling that tends to follow you home from day to day and turn into intense feelings of dread on Sunday night if you know you have to work again on Monday.

It’s often a feeling of being unable to muster any enthusiasm or motivation for your work and a lack of pleasure in what you do. And it can feel scary because you may not know how to get yourself out of this place once you’re feeling burned out. >>>READ MORE

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