Focused on Talent: 360 Executive Strength Coaching

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In this episode, we’re wrapping up our season-long coverage of The Center for Sales Strategy’s latest Talent Magazine.

Today, we’re taking some time to discuss a group of people who too often get the short end of the “development stick.” That’s right; we’re talking about leaders.

Joining Matt to uncover the ways in which leaders can most effectively tap into their innate strengths is Beth Sunshine.

Beth makes so many awesome points, like:

  • How 360 Executive Coaching allows leaders to see both where they are using their strengths as well as areas where they could stand to develop their strengths even more.
  • Why, even if you have raw talent, you still need to focus on developing it into an actual skill.
  • And, finally, why leaders who aren’t intentionally focusing on their strengths are missing out on opportunities to develop not only themselves but the teams they manage as well.

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