Focused on Talent – Recruitment with Trey Morris and Mindy Murphy

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In this episode, we’re kicking off our season-long exploration of The Center for Sales Strategy’s latest Talent Magazine. In other words, we’ll be diving into exactly how you should go about recruiting, selecting, developing, and engaging your people.

Each week, Matt will be joined by experts from here at The Center for Sales Strategy to help break it all down.

In today’s episode, Trey Morris and Mindy Murphy are here to discuss the latest facts and trends relating to Recruitment, and they both share a ton of awesome insights, like:

  • How the leaders who have the most success in recruiting almost always use multiple recruitment methods
  • Why you won’t find as many Millennial and Gen Z job seekers on LinkedIn or Indeed anymore
  • And how making recruitment part of your weekly routine is one of the best ways to avoid the dreaded “desperation hire.”

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