I Don’t Want To Work In Sales Anymore: 3 Possible Job

Should You Resign From Your Sales Position? (3 Alternatives for the Struggling Representative)

When I first started hiring salespeople, it was nearly inevitable that they would eventually become discouraged because of the lack of opportunity for growth.

What if I don’t make the impact that I hope to? What will happen when my company puts me on a performance plan?

The problem is that it’s not uncommon for salespeople to miss their quota. According to Forbes, in 2017, 57% of people missed the mark.

As a manager, you probably expected things to turn out differently. So now it’s time for some self-reflection…

I don t want to work in sales anymore. What went wrong? And what can you learn from this experience?

I always thought that if a salesperson wasn’t performing, it was because of something outside the company. But I soon realized this was not true.

You have 3 options for what to do after you answer these questions.

There are many different ways to reward your employees. You can choose whichever one you think is best for them.

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3 Possible Choices if Your Sales Job Doesn’t Work Out

  • Leaving sales for a new career will be more rewarding for you.
  • Sales are not easy. It takes work and time to get better at it, but if you are willing to put in the effort, I guarantee that your sales will improve.
  • I am looking for a new job.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option.

Option 1: Quit Your Sales Job

One of the best ways to see if you will succeed in sales is by being honest with yourself. If there are problems such as a lack of support or poor management, it may be time for you to leave.

If the whole sales team is not meeting the quota, then there might be a problem with the organizational structure that you are not aware of.

If you want to quit, just do it.

You will get the chance to learn from your mistakes, and if it doesn’t work out for you with this company, they can find someone who is better suited.

It’s important to know before leaving a sales job that there are many things other than pay and commission structure for motivating people.

Your personal brand stays with you for the rest of your career. It is important to make sure that it portrays who you are in a way that will lead to success.

If you are quitting, do it in a way that doesn’t damage your personal brand. There are some steps below which will allow you to actually improve your reputation.

Step 1: Provide a Proper Notice

Quitting a sales job is hard, but when you and your team are in a good place, then it’s time to move on.

One of the most difficult things to manage in a sales organization is turnover. If someone leaves, even if they were not one of your top performers, it can have an impact on how well you meet targets.

If you are leaving a job because of how it made you feel, then that is one of the least professional things to do in your career.

I want out of sales. Give your two weeks’ notice. If the company does not need you, they will ask for a reason why and then let them decide if it is necessary to keep you on or not.

Step 2: Tie Up All Loose Ends

The best way to quit a sales job is not just about you.

Once you’ve decided to leave, your manager will likely need help closing deals. This is a great opportunity for those on the team who want more responsibility and experience with sales work.

When you first meet a customer, be polite and introduce yourself. Make sure to cover any important details about the meeting beforehand so that nothing is left open-ended.

Step 3: Work Hard & Be Quiet

If you want to get that recommendation from your boss when you look for a new job, and if you don’t want to tarnish your personal brand with an unhappy past employer, then be sure not to do these five things.

Commit to working hard for the next two weeks and put your head down.

While you are still at your job, be professional and don’t gossip or talk poorly about others. You might not like the role or have struggled to achieve something, but it is important that you stay until the end.

Doesn’t matter.

People will remember the first and last impression you give them. If it’s unprofessional, your whole career could be ruined because of that one action.

Your personal brand will thank you for your time with these people, even if it’s just a quick conversation.

Option 2: Go For It and Give It Your All

I don t want to work in sales anymore. But I’ve found that there are certain steps you can take to improve your sales performance. Whether it is by getting better at the fundamentals or just learning how to negotiate, these tips will help anyone become a more effective salesman.

If you are looking at your pipeline and feel like it is on the verge of exploding, this plan may be for you.

It’s also the right option if you have a supportive manager, an enjoyable team environment, and a workplace culture.

If you’re thinking about quitting, then you need to execute at your highest level. Getting out of a PIP or performance management funnel is not easy.

Don’t keep doing what you have been doing because it has not worked so far. You need to try something new.

You need to be clear about what you want and how you plan on getting it. If your game plan is the same as before, then something needs to change.

The following are some steps I recommend to help improve your sales.

Step 1: Let Your Boss Know

If you want to be successful, tell your boss that and show them.

I have noticed that when salespeople feel pressure, they tend to talk about their strategy more often.

I don t want to work in sales anymore. This is not to say that talking about the plan won’t help you succeed. It will just take more than words, but action speaks louder.

Ask your manager for help in figuring out what you can do to improve sales. The best way is usually by asking them how they would go about it if they were you.

You need to be more strategic about how you approach the issue of sales motivation. There are two things that will help with this.

  • Some things you can do to get better at your job
  • Metrics that measure success

When talking to your manager, be sure to ask for help with all the other aspects of sales that you need. You want metrics like activities and conversations as well as demos.

To get better at sales, you need to know what metrics are important and be able to understand how they affect your performance.

Step 2: Have a Mentor

I don t want to work in sales anymore. In order to be successful, it is important to have a mentor who can teach you the ropes. This should happen sooner rather than later.

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to find the best of the best at executing that plan. This is something I learned through trial and error. Right now, there might be someone who has what it takes within your organization.

Find that person. Then

  • You can also provide a thank you for their time by going out to coffee or grabbing lunch with them.
  • It’s possible to learn how to cold call or demo by simply following someone around for 30 minutes during their workday.
  • Take copious notes.
  • Notice trends.
  • I make sure to write down everything my salespeople say, how they handle objections, and any other actions that might be important.

You will need to see the person in action and then create a script for them. They should review it with you before proceeding.

My first salespeople were not motivated by base pay or commissions alone. I soon realized that there are many things other than money that motivate people to do their best work.

Step 3: Practice Everyday

This is where the hard work pays off. Practicing.

If you have been struggling to sell, it may be because you are practicing on prospects. It is important to practice your sales skills with everyone who will listen – including bosses and mentors.

Every expert has achieved their level of success by practicing for hours on end. This includes elite athletes, musicians, writers, and top-performing professionals.

It takes a lot of repetition for the right behaviors and experiences to become ingrained in your profession. When that happens, you’ll start feeling confident about what you do.

It is a shame that you didn’t do this from the beginning, but if it turns out that you don’t have what it takes to be successful, then your commitment to excellence may not be strong enough.

I don t want to work in sales anymore. I need to change this approach. It’s time for me to do more than just look at base pay and commissions. I have got to offer something else.

If you want to be better at sales, it is important that you do these things:

  • Cold calls
  • Email outreach
  • Discovery
  • Demos
  • Closing

Step 4: Work Longer Hours

I’ve learned the hard way that if you are on a performance plan, it is imperative to work harder than ever before.

Those who advocate for work-life balance are wrong.

If you are not successful and need to be, then working long hours is an easy way to get more calls, demos, or at-bats. If your company needs a quick turnaround in sales numbers because of a new competitor on the market, for example, commit yourself now by putting in extra time and work.

If you are able to work less hours at a later point in time, then go ahead and do so. This is not the time.

If you put in the hours, your sales skills will get better.

But be aware

If you’ve followed the four steps above and are still struggling, it may be time to face reality. Maybe your company isn’t a good fit for you, or maybe this job is not right for what interests you.

I’ve seen that there are some people who simply aren’t the right fit for sales, and I think it’s important to give them a different opportunity.

Option 3: Ask to Transition to Another Department

If you’re not satisfied with your current position and don’t think that there’s anything you can do to improve, consider changing roles. I don t want to work in sales anymore.

I’ve known people who were passionate about the company mission and did well in their jobs, but for some reason, they couldn’t perform in a certain role.

It is often the case that short-sighted employers will let go of a worker who does not seem to be succeeding in their position, but it turns out these workers could have been put into other positions where they might succeed.

I’ve noticed that three people from my company, PatientPop, have been struggling in their sales roles. All of them understood the importance of a personal brand and were successful because they treated it as an important part of building themselves up.

They were loyal and enthusiastic employees, but they didn’t work out in the end. Why should I lose them?

One salesperson went from struggling to one of the top-ranked customer service representatives. Two other reps who were also struggling got their SFDC admin certification and transitioned into successful Sales Operations professionals.

It’s a total win/win.

My first three employees came with knowledge of the company, which allowed them to succeed and make a great living right away. They also contributed massively.

If you want to stay with your company and transition into a new role, follow their example. These steps will help guide the way.

Step 1: Find Out What Roles Are Available

Here’s the thing

It is often hard to find a new role because the budget is already allocated, and it’s difficult for employers to redefine roles.

So start by checking out your company’s career page to see if there are any positions that you could be qualified for. It is important to have a role in mind when applying because it will help with the application process.

You should never settle for a job that doesn’t suit your skills and experience.

In the digital marketing world, if you have no experience in this field and are applying for a position that requires 5-7 years of it, chances are slim to none. If your interest is high but not enough experience has been gained yet or vice versa, there should be other opportunities out there.

If you do not see anything on the careers page, ask your boss to point you in the direction of someone who would be able to help with career opportunities.

In a smaller company, HR is usually just one person who handles all the tasks. In larger companies, there are departments for different aspects of human resources, such as leadership and development.

Step 2: Understand the Interview Process for Getting the Role

In order to have a successful company, you need to be able to plan ahead.

If you are on a performance plan that will terminate in two weeks, let your boss know. If the decision to extend is made right away, then apply and see how it goes.

If you’re worried that your performance plan might expire while the company is looking for a new hire, talk to your boss and HR professional about how to handle it.

During this time, communication is key. It’s important to be the one in charge of communicating with everyone.

Step 3: Understand What Happens If You Don’t Get the Role

In the event that you don’t get the role and are unable to perform up to standards, this could lead to termination.

If you are dealing with a person who is not motivated by money, make sure to set your expectations appropriately. That way, the two of you can work together.

If you don’t get the job, be polite. Thank everyone for their time, and consider asking them to provide a reference before leaving.

Step 4: Work Hard. Be a Professional.

End of story. Remember, you have one professional brand, and it’s up to you how people will perceive that when your name comes up or if they need a reference.

Let’s Be Honest

I don t want to work in sales anymore. Your current company might not be the right fit for you. You may have to quit, get terminated by your employer, or go through a long interview process that ends with disappointment.

If you have taken care of your personal brand and stayed professional during this time, then it is likely that the backlash will not affect you.

Here are the top 3 things you need to do if your goal is for this problem not to happen:

  • Work hard
  • Tie up loose ends
  • Don’t complain

I have watched people consistently do the wrong thing with these three things, even though they are simple.

When you make a mistake, it is important to remember that even if someone forgives you for your mistakes, their network will not. That means when there are other people in the workplace who know about this incident, and they’re connected with these friends on social media or through work relationships-those, connections can end up being destroyed as well.

I’ve found that if you take care of business, keep your nose clean and act like an adult when the time comes to find a new job, it’s easier than ever. It is important to ask for references recommendations on LinkedIn or even point someone in the right direction.

When I’m going through a tough time at work, it’s hard to stay positive. Hopefully, these options will help you manage that time.

Need Help Automating Your Sales Prospecting Process?

LeadFuze gives you all the data you need to find ideal leads, including full contact information.

Go through a variety of filters to zero in on the leads you want to reach. This is crazy specific, but you could find all the people that match the following: 

  • A company in the Financial Services or Banking industry
  • Who have more than 10 employees
  • That spend money on Adwords
  • Who use Hubspot
  • Who currently have job openings for marketing help
  • With the role of HR Manager
  • That has only been in this role for less than 1 year

Just to give you an idea. 😀

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