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Value Creation or Die

A long time ago, I noticed that the contacts I called on were not always interested in the meeting they had accepted. The first signs showed up in 2001 when….

Can You Teach Me How to Sell?

The answer to the question, “Can you teach me how to sell?” is “Yes, I can teach you how to sell.” But the answer is also, “No, I can’t teach….

How to Improve Your Sales Skills

In personal or professional development, you can’t cheat. To improve yourself or your teams, you must do the work. The skills you need to improve in sales are mostly found….

How to Make Your CRM a Strategic Asset

Sales leaders need to know their team has enough of the right opportunities to reach their goals. They also need visibility into individual opportunities, especially the high-value deals. For their….

Making Lemonade From Lemons

A couple of years ago, and after years of encouragement from others, I decided to create an online course for Nimble CRM. I am a long-time Nimble Solution Partner. I….