Sales Process Example – Electric Signs

It’s a well repeated phrase in selling … 

“If you consistently follow the sales process, you will sell more stuff!”

This is dependent on whether or not your process is sound. Bad sales process = bad results. The other nice thing about having a written process is for when you bring a new person on board. You are now providing them with a roadmap toward their success!

A few key pointers … Look for face-time. Where this is not practical, Zoom or phone. Do not become lazy and complacent and rely solely on email. Use your CRM to document all steps and to track your progress through your leads and sales pipelines!


  1. Identify decision makers.
  2. Research company and decision makers via Google and LinkedIn including profiles and websites.
  3. Look for commonalities and common connections.
  4. Determine zoning and allowances.
  5. Determine landlord, if any, otherwise be sure to do this during your initial meeting.

Initial Meeting

  1. Share your research. Let them know that you have done your due diligence!
  2. Confirm decision makers.
  3. Explain the process.
  4. Remove the risk! Sell yourself and the company!
  5. Determine needs including time frames for decision and installation.
  6. Uncover hot buttons.
  7. Qualify for budget.
  8. Set expectations. Let them know what is next and when.
  9. Is there a need for thought sketches?
  10. Recap their needs and confirm (this may be done in a document format following the meeting).


  1. Prior to the meeting, do you have everything you need? Drawings? Estimate? Samples?
  2. Put together a professional proposal including company story, cover letter, and cut sheets.
  3. Recap your previous meeting(s) and ask if anything has changed.
  4. If this meeting is to review thought sketches first, do so and then go to estimating and then return to this step.
  5. Ask for the order!


  1. Send a personalized thank you!
  2. Make them comfortable with their decision.
  3. Keep your client in the loop at all stages including when the permits have been submitted and when they have been approved.
  4. Continuously monitor and inform all parties regarding site readiness and planned delivery dates.

I developed this process for one of my clients. If you are a sign company, feel free to modify it to suit your own specific needs. If you are not a sign company … feel free to modify it to suit your own specific needs. You get the idea!

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