The 5 R’s – Sales & CRM 101

It seems as if I am always touting how simple CRM, and by extension selling, really is. The entire secret to sales is creating, maintaining, and building client relationships. You do this by consistently exceeding expectations and by demonstrating R.U.M. characteristics. You are perceived as being remarkable, unique, and memorable.

These 5 R’s will allow you to excel in these areas …

  • You will have the appearance of a photographic memory.
  • You will exhibit exceptional listening skills.
  • You will be perceived as being super responsive.
  • Your customer outreaches will become personalized.  
  • You will consistently engage with clients and build relationships.
  • You will demonstrate the ability to keep your commitments.

You can then leverage your CRM to assist you with staying on track. Everything below is part of a contact record in your CRM. The contact record is the literal heart of any CRM!! Here’s how …

Prior to your first engagement …

Research your client and their company

  • Review their social profiles and take notes. 
  • Review their website and take notes.

Then for each engagement …

Review previous engagements before reaching out

  • Review your previous notes and prior engagements. 
  • Check to see what they have been up to since you last spoke (social networks).
  • Ask yourself what you want to gain from this call and then plan your call.

Replay your last engagement with the client and to the client

  • Particularly if this is your first engagement, let them know that you have done your research, your due diligence.
  • Review with them what you last discussed.
  • Ask what’s new or if anything has changed.
  • State and cover the purpose of this call.
  • Set the expectation for what will happen next and when.

Record the results of this engagement

  • Update your notes from this session. What happened? What did you discuss?

Reschedule by setting a task for your next engagement 

  • Plan your next step(s). What, when, and why?
  • Set a follow-up task and be sure to describe the reason for the follow-up.

That’s it!! Rinse and repeat! I’m not sure how much simpler it can get. I can also pretty much guarantee that you will be the only salesperson who practices these behaviors and that will allow you to stand head and shoulders above your competitors!

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